About Marie

Dear parents,

I am well experienced with children, having had two children of my own and now also proud grandmother of two grandchildren. I am babysitting for Susie since 2015 and since then I had the pleasure to meet and look after children from all over the world, from babies to teenagers. My love is definitely looking after babies and very small children as they are so adorable, but with no problem I can care of the olders ones too. Before joining Susie's, aside from other jobs I had, I have worked as the team leader of children animation programme on summer camp / recreational centre, where I was responsible for creation of entertaing activities for all of the children. My main is now working in a hotel reception however babysitting is a hobby I like to do to earn little bit of extra income. I am an active driver and it's no problem to come to your house, even if you live outside of the city.

Looking forward to meet you, Marie